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S5EP5: Mini Peach Pastries

Hi ºF-TV family!

Illustration created by Farah Jeune @studiojeuneart

My favorite month is here! I LOVE October for many reasons! It's my birthday month, its the month of Halloween, the month where autumn leaves change colors and the month I start cooking more! When it starts to get cooler outside, the amateur chef in me wants to experiment with every food group! I'm constantly watching Food Network episodes, asking my mom how to recreate family recipes and researching how to make treats I see at bakeries. In general, I am more excited to be in the kitchen!

This month for ºF-TV, The Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN) new studio manager and friend, Ashley Lewis, invited me to come on their new community cooking segment entitled 'Fall Favorites,' to cook something I enjoyed this season and I decided to create Mini Peach Pastries!

I've been baking these peach pastries for about a year now and let me tell you, it's not only easy to make but really delicious! I learned the recipe from Actress and Vegan Queen, Tabitha Brown! During quarantine, when I was transitioning into the #vegan lifestyle, Tabitha was one of my favorite #vegan Chef influencers and she was so kind to share with her followers easy and tasty recipes you can recreate from traditional meals you love. She originally created a mini peach cobbler on a vegan biscuit with this recipe and I fell in love with it! When I started working overnights however, it was harder for me to find the time to make this recipe. I decided to create pastries out of this recipe to decrease my time in the kitchen and increase my joy for tasty, healthy, quick food!

Watch our FULL episode here to learn how to make your own Mini Peach Pastries! It's easy to make and you can incorporate other fruit ingredients in your pastry such as berries, apples or pears!

Prep time: estimated 10mins Cook time: 15-20mins

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Our next episode premieres Thursday, November 18th LIVE @ 7:00pm.

Enjoy this beautiful autumn season queens and kings❤️

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