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S5EP3: Vegan Fish Tacos w/ Chef ºF

Hi ºF-TV family!

Illustration created by Farah Jeune of @studiojeuneart

Happy August friends! I hope you're having a wonderful & peaceful summer so far!

I feel like for me, I'm FINALLY getting to enjoy the summer! For almost a year, I was working overnights at USPS and it was truly a challenging lifestyle for me. Throughout my adult life, I've been so used to working more than one job (sometimes three at a time) but working overnights exhausted me way MORE. It was hard to sleep during the day with the excessive noise outside (despite me working on ways to make it more comfortable for myself) and the built up guilt of feeling like I was missing out. Often times, I would wake up early just so I can get some sunlight on my skin (I was starting to feel like a vampire lol) and finding the time to work my other job, freelance in between and produce ºF-TV episodes was super hard. My energy just wasn't the same. I took the first half of the year just to focus on making money and planning for ºF-TV and decided that in order to do what I love, I had to make a change, so I did.

I am happy to say I'm no longer working overnights and back to producing at the studio! It feels good and although working overnights may not be my cup of tea, I was extremely grateful to get a job during the height of the pandemic (and meet some cool human beings) so shoutout to USPS for allowing me to survive🙏🏾 NOW, I'm focused on restoring myself in all ways! I have many goals (of course finding another job aligned with my purpose is #1) but I'm also determined to get back into the plant based lifestyle🍉🥑🥕

You see, one of the effects of working overnights for me was that I would be too exhausted sometimes to cook. Last summer when I made the decision to become #vegan, I knew it was going to require me to be creative with my recipes BUT if you're not getting enough sleep and don't have enough energy to cook a healthy meal all the time, you tend to get food elsewhere. Many times, those places where I would dine-out had delicious food BUT they're weren't always vegan lol And I have to take responsibility here too, some places I would order from had a few vegetarian options but I didn't always want a salad. In fact, I've learned that whenever I am stressed or exhausted, I tend to yearn for foods with meat in them... my favorites being pepperoni pizza & salmon🤦🏽‍♀️. I know, I know, you're disappointed and the #vegan community might cancel me lol but one thing Latinx Chef & Entrepreneur Cecilia from'Coco Verde' shared with me during our interview last summer, (watch it here) was that adopting a vegan lifestyle is a journey, so it's normal to have those challenging days. I am willing to try again and I'm positive it'll be a healthier journey!

One thing I didn't let go of fully was shopping for #vegan food and incorporating some fun #vegan dishes into my life (while I juggled the overnight life). Every morning, on my Instagram feed, would be #vegan influencers I follow with some cool #vegan recipes and when I had energy, I would try cooking them! This month for ºF-TV, I decided to create #vegan inspired Fish Tacos! OMG they are so yummy and it features a key ingredient that I've come to enjoy, 'Hearts of Palm!' Its a veggie I wasn't familiar with before adopting a plant based lifestyle but the #vegan chefs & influencers I follow on instagram made me a fan of this delicious vegetable. 'Heart of Palm' is a vegetable harvested from the inner core and growing bud of certain Palm trees and when its fried or cooked, tastes really, really good! I've seen #vegan chefs incorporate these in vegan fish sandwiches and pastas so I decided, in honor of #TacoTuesday to create some vegan fish tacos (except on a Thursday in this episode lol #TacoThursday can also be a thing😉).

S5EP3: Vegan Fish Tacos

Watch our FULL episode here to learn how to make your own Vegan Fish Tacos! It's easy to make and you can still incorporate all of your fav taco ingredients in your dish. I kept it fairly simple in this episode but dress yours up if your palette is begging you too😉 I also cooked some fresh plantains to go with this meal and made some Haitian Pizlik (spicy relish) to go on top!

Prep time: estimated 10mins Cook time: 15mins

Want to incorporate some Tarter Sauce on your Fish Tacos? Try this Vegan Tarter Sauce recipe here!

Thank you so much for supporting us friends! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel here and follow us on social media @Farenheight TV to keep up with all of our news. We've got a lot more exciting things coming up this Season and we can't wait to create and share.

Our next episode premieres Thursday, September 23rd LIVE @ 8:30pm.

Sending you love, peace & more fun days of summer!

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