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S3EP14: An evening with the Stars ft. Pr3Scott & Eva Davenport

S3EP14: Eva Davenport, Farah (Host) & Pr3Scott

Hello ºF-TV fam,

Whew I can't believe we're in the last few weeks of Summer 2019! As always, the season flies by but I hope you have been able to enjoy the sun, get some relaxation and live it up!

Summer has been an amazing season for us here at ºF-TV! We've had a variety of talented artists come on our stage and share their greatness (from dancing, to modeling and singing)! Honestly, its been the best production season yet and for our last summer 2019 episode, we wanted to keep the vibes cool, calm and soulful!

Eva Davenport & PR3Scott graced our stage this month and the magic and beautiful vibes they brought with them, was the best way to end the season with a positive and inspiring outlook. Our two guests are no strangers to the ºF-TV stage, in fact, they both shared a sample of their talent with us this past spring (see S3EP10: Poetically Driven) and on our EPIC Soul Train themed episode earlier this summer (see S3EP12: Summer Celebration)! So of course we were so honored and excited to hear more about their individual artistic journeys, their music and learn more about their aspirations.

S3EP14: Farah (host) & Pr3Scott demonstrating their 'Krump' dance moves

Welcoming back to the studio was Dancer, Singer & Songwriter, Pr3Scott. Jas aka Pr3scott graced our stage for the first time earlier this summer and we were blown away by his dance moves! When I tell you he was bringing FULL energy to the stage, this young man took the meaning of Fahrenheit and literally brought the heat! He was the first at the studio the day of filming S3EP12 and when our cameras went LIVE, so did his spirit! He knew every new dance move, danced through commercial breaks and the entire time, had a bright Colgate smile on his face :D His energy is contagious but its his kind nature that also makes him someone you want to be friends with.

Pr3Scott, much like our host, LOVES to dance. He conveyed how he loved to watch award shows and music videos and learn the choreography he saw. Dancers like Chris Brown were his inspiration and soon he discovered that the music he heard not only made him move but inspired him to create his own.

Pr3scott has music within his DNA. His aunt is a music teacher and an underground producer. In the summer, he would visit her in South Carolina and shadow his aunt as she taught students drums, singing and more musical practices. As he got older, he started to build his skills at home in Brockton, MA. His family was very supportive and pushed him to practice and perfect his craft. They told him "Jas if you wanna sing, you gotta be serious about it. You can't be singing off key all the time, you can't just wing it." From then on, he has spent time creating, practicing and performing, all with a humble attitude and positive mindset.

Dancer, Singer & Songwriter, Pr3Scott

Pr3scott talked about his writing process which we thought was pretty cool! He writes music almost like a research study. He finds his inspiration (rather that be an object, a person or a thing) and then he breaks it down to what he sees (color, texture, size). He begins to add his own emotions to it (thinking about the words that would follow up with his observations) and then thinks about the kind of flow he wants to go with. Through time, the lyrics start to form and stick. Its amazing to hear how artists get influenced to create their art!

Pr3Scott is heavily inspired by soul and r&b. He found a lot of inspiration by artists such as Fred Hammon, Sam Cooke, John Legend and D'Angelou. "Those were like the first [people] where I got my vocal stuff from and who I looked up to and who I was raised on." As he got older, the influences of Hip hop in his community motivated him to do more with his music. "My friends were rappers and we just started freestyling." He then later used his Brockton hip hop influences to fuse the genres together in his music and so far the process has been triumphant! Pr3Scott has released several songs and he is currently working on his EP with his updated musical skill set (he's been learning new lessons on the piano and drums).

Pr3Scott performed one of his latest singles 'When She Blinks' and we LOVED the track! He says its dedicated to the ladies and its about his patience and ambition to be ready for love when the right partner enters his life. So sweet! We hope that you'll enjoy the song and performance in our latest episode too!

Follow and support this young talent @Pr3ScottisMe on social media and listen to his music on soundcloud @Pr3Scott.

S3EP14: Singer, Songwriter & Performer, Eva Davenport

Eva Davenport is a true star! She is down to earth, has a cool style and the swag to match! Also, her voice is as powerful as her ambition to succeed and live out her dreams. Ladies and gentlemen, this queen is one to follow and be inspired by.

Eva first graced our stage as a Background Singer in April of this year for our Poetry inspired episode, S3EP10. The episode was already deep for the soul with LIVE poetry but what made it even more of an EPIC production was the soulful tunes from the talented background singers. One of those amazing vocalists was Eva Davenport.

You know when someone sings so well that it not only gains your attention but soothes your soul? Eva is one of those magic beings! Besides being a singer who knows how to sing on key with her unique powerful voice, the artist is also a songwriter! Her new EP released this month was all written by her. "Being a songwriter is definitely really important to me as an Artist. Specifically with this project, I wanted to break away from that [heartbreak] theme. So I didn't include any love songs in this first EP that I have out now. My 'Letters to Self' project is all about self motivation, self love, growth and inspiration." Eva, who recently celebrated her 23rd birthday this August, says the album is a newer reflection of who she is now. The songstress began writing the album back in 2017 and took the time to reflect on her past, present and future in this EP. Songs like 'Lesson' which she performed on our ºF-TV stage, talks about the importance of relationships in one's life and honoring the lessons from people who stay and leave out of our lives. The album is fresh, relatable and definitely one you must stream now!

As for sounds and flows on the album, Eva wanted to keep it as genuine as possible. "I just went for what I like. I wasn't trying to go for just one genre or put it in a box, I'm very open when it comes to my music." Eva hopes to continue to create music overtime that has a little bit of everything she loves. "I want to keep doing whatever feels best...explaining that sound and the way it makes me feel." Listen to Eva's NEW EP on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Tidal, etc.) and be sure to visit her website to order some merchandise!

Besides creating DOPE music, the artist is also a curator! She is the proud producer of an interactive art showcase entitled, Artz Underground, which allows artists to perform, vibe and connect with fellow creatives in the city and beyond. Follow their Instagram account @artzunderground to find out when their next event will take place!

S3EP14: Singer, Songwriter & Performer, Eva Davenport

Please be sure to follow, support and stream music by this wonderful soul @lyricsbyeva on social media and visit Eva's website to find out more about her upcoming shows.

We had so much fun on this episode and also managed to produce an epic photoshoot! Thank you to our BNN staff who made this shoot possible!

Tune into watch FULL performances by both Eva Davenport & Pr3Scott on our Youtube Channel here.

Collage created by Sheng Fan @fan_tommy_dominic

Thank you for supporting us ºF-TV family! We're excited for Fall 2019 and our next LIVE episode will be September 26th @ 8:30pm. See you then tribe! Sending you positive vibes always, all ways <3

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