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S3EP13: Bold & Beautiful ft. Mas~n~Motion

S3EP13: Mas n' Motion ft. Farah (me), KSean, Elle, Britney & Tia

Hi ºF-TV family!

I hope you all are having an incredible Summer 2019 so far! Whew time is flying by but every summer, one of the events I look forward to the most is Caribbean Carnival!

Carnival is celebrated throughout the world! It is a time where people unite together to celebrate their pride and culture through dance, fashion, food, performances and most importantly community. Some celebrations mix all the cultures together in one BIG celebration (like Boston Caribbean Carnival) while islands throughout the Caribbean have their own carnival celebration for their country. Every Caribbean carnival has three traditional elements - dressing in masquerade, music, and dancing. Each island throughout the Caribbean fuses the tradition with their own unique twist. Here in the upper east coast, we celebrate Caribbean Carnival towards the end of the summer but in Caribbean islands like Trinidad, Jamaica, Haiti or Dominica for example, their celebrations are earlier in the year AND are bigger, better and more EPIC!

As a little girl, I used to watch from my window the beautiful people walking to the festival in their bold, gorgeous and colorful costumes. I was in awe and as a teenager (when I was finally allowed to attend) I idolized these performers; I wanted to be just like them! They way they paraded down the street with so much joy, Black Joy, it made me feel proud and happy to have a Caribbean background. Their bright Colgate smiles, killer dance moves and unity is not only a blessing to witness, its a privilege to have in our city! So of course, the universe is so good to me that it blessed me with the opportunity to meet and become friends with a DOPE Caribbean costume designer/artist/model, KSean Covet Burnell!

KSean Covet Burnell, Creator of Mas n' Motion

I met KSean at a model casting for Boston Caribbean Fashion Show in the summer of 2018. As always, I get nervous going to modeling auditions but for some reason I felt extra relaxed when the casting team ask me to walk to some Soca as part of my audition. Soca, a beautiful musical genre created in Trinidad & Tobago, makes my body move automatically. When I tell you I strutted down that runway like I was Naomi Campbell with an extra dash of ºFarenheight energy....lets just say I was automatically casted lol. With that, I had the honor to walk for Mas n' Motion, a Caribbean costume designer brand, co-created by my friend KSean.

S3EP13: KSean Covet Burnell, Tia Forlizzi & Farah (host)

KSean also grew up watching the masqueraders perform and showcase their beautiful costumes at Carnival. As an Inspiring Fashion Designer, he was always drawn to the design and production aspect of Caribbean Carnival. In June 2018, KSean got the idea of creating Mas n' Motion one day while sketching designs at work. "I was sketching and I realized that I really like the name Mas n' Motion. Masqueraders being in motion... Not just in the Carnival but outside of the Carnival." With the brilliant idea on his mind, KSean called a few friends for their perspectives (one of them being Publisher & Co-Designer, Tia Forlizzi) and after the immediate flow of positive reactions, Mas n' Motion was born and bloomed fabulously! The brand celebrated their 1 year anniversary this summer and they already have an impressive catalog of collections and custom costume pieces! Check out some of their fabulous looks below.

View more at their website

Mas n'Motion is more than just a mas band, its a movement. As KSean conveyed, its different entrepreneurs coming together to all collaborate and help build, uplift and elevate one another outside of carnival. The brand is true to their mission. They have not only connected artists with creative work opportunities in the city and beyond but also make it their duty to share content, events and greatness their 'tribe' produces! Here at ºFarenheight TV, we are big fans because they not only give us a shoutout on digital platforms but they also support our growing channel by donating to our production fund and always give us encouragement. Mas n'Motion is a family.

Alone we are mas, together we are Mas n ‘ Motion.

If you scroll through Mas n'Motion's Instagram page or website, you'll see a variety of beautiful models serving nothing but fierceness. The woman responsible for their glam makeup looks is the one and only Britney Darla!

Britney was inspired to become a Makeup Artist when she started doing makeup as a hobby. She was fascinated by the beauty industry and fashion and soon she found herself doing makeup for family and friends. "I loved ho good it made people feel," and soon she decided it was time to shift this fun hobby into a career!

Besides knowing how to glam any face for any occasion, Britney also does body painting! The self taught makeup artist gave props to Youtube for having a huge library of makeup tutorials and also emphasized that consistently practicing is what made her comfortable and confident to continue as a professional MUA. "Youtube is my best friend. I learn everything from there." See some of her looks below!

One of Mas n'Motion's fabulous models, Elle Evans also joined our show to model with of their newest costumes! Britney Darla did her makeup in our studio LIVE!

For Elle's look, Britney was inspired by the costume KSean and Tia created for her. "I went with a smokey eye with a little bit of shimmer and I just matched the colors to the outfit she's going to be wearing today." Britney is drawn to color and says that for the upcoming carnival season, she's going to create the loudest, boldest looks! "I'm going to throw in some sequin decals, glitter, I'm going all out this year!"

Britney is hoping to go to beauty school this Fall 2019 and wants to open a beauty bar in the future. (We'll be there!) Moreover, she also hopes to create more bold looks for future fashion shows, photoshoots and events as she continues to build her business. We LOVE and fully support his queen with all her endeavors! We're pretty sure she'll be doing fierce makeup for some celebrities in the future! Book and support this talented MUA Artist by following her at @BritneyyDarla.


Introducing Elle Evans

When I first met Elle Evans, I was instantly drawn to her confidence, poise and instant kind energy! The Fashion Model was inspired to become a model through a friend who encouraged her to come with her to a photoshoot and signed Elle up for her first casting. "I was going through a tough time and my friend invited me to a photoshoot and it all changed from there!" Since that photoshoot, the Fashion model has been casted for many shows here in New England! The camera loves her and her energy on the runway is magical! She embraces her beautiful curves and always delivers flawlessness for every show!

Makeup by Britney Darla

Representation in the Fashion industry means a lot to Elle. The model expressed how important it is to see ourselves in the Fashion world.

"Because I'm plus sized, society represents models as being one set thing and I want to break the mode of that. We're all beautiful... I want everybody to be able to embrace who they are and be themselves." That ladies and gentlemen is what a model should be; intelligent, confident and beautiful inside and out! Follow and support Elle's Fashion journey by following her @fetty_justdope25. We can't wait to see this beauty on the road this Carnival season!

Watch the FULL episode here to learn more about all of these artists and how you can support Mas n' Motion.

As always, we are so thankful for our guests and BNN crew for helping this platform to thrive! Catch our next Summer 2019 episode Thursday, August 29th LIVE @ 8:30pm! Hope to see you at Caribbean Carnival this summer!

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