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S3EP11: Music is Life ft. Chi Chi (of ABDB) & Musical Artist Loubands

S3EP11: LouBands, Musicians and Crew pic

Hello beautiful people,

I hope May blessed you with peace and good energy. I can't believe how fast the month has flown by so far but the best way to end it is celebrating the power of Music through Dance and Lyricism!

This month we were honored to have two super DOPE artists on our stage, Chi Chi Osuagwu of Afrobeats Dance Boston and Musical Artist, LouBands. These creative souls have so much talent not only as artists but as growing entrepreneurs. Rather its starting a dance collective that celebrates the beautiful culture and diverse sounds of African music (Afrobeats Dance Boston) or producing a melodic album that tells the stories of love and millennial culture (Bandowaves - out now on all streaming music platforms) these artists create for a bigger purpose and we are so proud to be their fans!

When I was first introduced to Afrobeats music, I was scrolling through my daily mail (aka my Instagram account) and came across a dance video I couldn't get my eyes off of. It was a beyond talented dancer named Ezinne Asuingo dancing to a contagious beat by Condolese musician Awilo Longomba called "Bundelele." The way her body moves to the beat, the effortless swag, the #BlackGirlMagic OMG I don't even know the right adjective to describe how incredible that 3 minute video is! Anywho, I had to learn more about her and the music so of course I went straight to Youtube and was beautifully introduced to the culture of Afrobeats music! Now to be honest, America is just catching up on this wave. Afrobeats has been around for a LONG time and now that its entering our mainstream culture from popular hits like 'One Dance' featuring Rap Legend Drake and Nigerian Hit Maker Singer WizKid for example, we finally are getting hip!

Chi Chi Osuagwu of Afrobeats Dance Boston

Chi Chi Osuagwu of Afrobeats Dance Boston was kind enough to give us a short history of Afrobeats music and what the culture means to her. She's been so inspired by it that she and a powerful group of women (who happen to also be her friends) started a collective to continue to celebrate and teach people more about Afrobeats culture. Afrobeats Dance Boston has monthly dance classes, community events and celebrity choreographers such as Ezinne Asuingo who is coming next month (OMG #I'llBeThere) right here in our community! Classes are only $5 for adults and free for kids! #GodisGreat

Its so incredible that greatness like this exists in our city especially because spaces and collectives like this are so needed.

For me, one of the things that cures my anxiety is dancing and in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, it was great to hear from Chi Chi how dance has been therapeutic for her and her tribe. She shared some great insights on Afrobeats Artists we should follow, the various dances that are hip right now and her aspiration for Afrobeats Dance Boston. She also shared that they are looking for NEW choreographers and creative staff to join their growing team! Definitely contact them if you are interested!

Chi Chi's advice for dancers who are shy or feel they can't dance, "Just Come!"

She promises that'll you'll have fun regardless and I agree!

Follow & Support Afrobeats Dance Boston on Instagram & Facebook @AfrobeatsDanceBoston to find out more about their upcoming summer classes, celebrity guest choreographers and dance parties! If you need an encouraging partner to motivate you to attend, let us know anytime! We'll be there all summer long!

***Check out the June schedule below***

June 3rd - Community Class

June 18th - Community Class

June 25th - Guest Class w/ Ezinne Asuingo

We also had the blessing to witness the wave of Boston Music Artist, LouBands! Can I tell you, going to high school with LouBands brings back great memories. He was definitely a class clown but little did my peers and I know, he was also a very talented soul!

LouBands shared how he actually started rapping in church! He was apart of a youth group who expressed themselves through music and hip hop and as he got older, he invested more of his time and intellect into music. Listening to the upbeat and mellow tracks on his freshman album, BANDO WAVE, is a treat! Its definitely a millennial soundtrack to relationships, your 20's and party life. I also admire that he produced an album that just brings good vibes.

"Its a wave!"

(LouBands on the inspiration behind producing Bando Wave)

Out NOW on all music streaming platforms

One of the worst things is wasted talent and Loubands reminds us that the road to achieving our greatness requires our full energy.

"Put your assertiveness into everything, make sure you go 100 because you don't want to just go 50 and feel like didn't put your all into it."

We couldn't agree more! LouBands shared with us his musical influences, his upcoming performances and his aspirations for the future. Tune in to not only learn more about his artistic journey but hear the fresh and hip sounds of his music beautifully performed by a group of talented musicians!

Please follow and support these amazing artists!

*Lou Bands (Musical Artist) @Lou_Bands

*Sakorey (Singer) @Sakoreynotes

*Dominic Glaude (Drummer) @Dominicgblm

*Miguel Diaz (Bass Player) @Madjimivanvai

*Peter Handy (Flute Player) @Safarihatking

*Kazi (piano/keys) @Kazididit

Listen to BANDO WAVE on all streaming platforms now! Its a vibe you must be apart of! Check out a few Kodak moments from our latest episode below!

Watch our interview with Chi Chi Osuagwu of Afrobeats Dance Boston here and our Interview with Musical Artist LouBands here.

We are so grateful to see how much our platform has continued to grow and it wouldn't be possible without YOUR SUPPORT! Thank you to all of our followers, artists, crew, loyal supporters and the universe for making this passion project a beautiful living dream!

Catch another LIVE episode of #FarenheightTV on June 27th @ 8:30pm on the Boston Neighborhood Network (Comcast 23, RCN 83 & Verizon 1960).

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