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S3EP7: Dream BIGGER ft. Dr. Allana Da Graca & Safiya Leslie

Happy New Year friends! We hope 2019 is treating you with kindness and peace so far!

Every new year, people around the world envision new goals for themselves. Some of us call these 'resolutions' or some recite their dreams to the universe. Nonetheless the new year comes with a mix of excitement and anxiety. There's so much to look forward to but also so much to fear. The unknown can be a bit uncomfortable but ºFarenheight TV wants you to know that no matter what emotions you have towards 2019, DREAM BIGGER.

This year, don't allow your fears or the unknown stop you for achieving your greatness. We talked with two extraordinary community leaders, Dr. Allana Da Graca & Safiya Leslie, who shared their passions with us and what keeps them motivated to DREAM BIGGER.

Author, Professor & Entrepreneur, Dr. Allana Da Graca shared how important it is to eliminate self doubt and upgrade your life with positive thoughts and actions.

Artist and Berklee College of Music student, Safiya Leslie, talked about the blessing of creating music that not only connects with people but celebrates and continues to build culture.

Both of these amazing queens do what they love and inspire their peers to do the same! We honor their growing legacy and hope that in the new year, you'll also continue to stay on your path to greatness no matter what obstacles come your way

Watch the full episodes to learn more about Dr. Allana Da Graca & Safiya Leslie's stories, their upcoming events for the community and tune in to an incredible performance by a group of talented musicians from Berklee College of Music.

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