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USCA 2017 (NMAC Youth Initiative)

Washington, D.C. - September 7-10th, 2017

I am so excited to be attending the United States Conference of Aids (USCA) as a second year NMAC Youth Scholar! As I am getting prepared to fly out and meet these incredible beings, here is a doodle of some of the amazing scholars I will get to meet! Its a tribute to their greatness! I can't express how grateful I am to be among national community heroes (there is expected to be at least 2500 people attending this year!). I am hoping that this trip will be epic, full of positive vibes and great important, neccesary conversations. I also hope that this trip will continue to enhance my intellect, allow me to connect and support our communities and how I can further contribute and use my skills to make a difference.

Featuring: Anthony Anderson •Bailey Goff •Corey Clark •Danne Hughes •Derrell Richardson •Isa Wrenn-Jones •Jessica Zyrie •Joey Gray •Jonquil C. Johnson •Julius Pikes-Prince •Khalib Barton •Khayree Gray • Kyle Rodriguez •LeAndrae D. Blackman •Levonte Williamson • Michael Tres Moore • Nyheme H. Sumpter •Nyjah Pringle •Pierre Smith •Richard Elliot •Stacy-Ann Rowe • Syndi Gonzalez Negro • Tiffany Marrero •Tobeya Ibitayo •Yeserash Koopman• Zion Sylvester

More details, doodles and adventure logs soon!

#sweet26 you are a blessing!

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