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S2EP5: OCC Youth Unleashed

How do you describe excellence...OCC YOUTH UNLEASHED.

Devante Mathurin, Robert Simon, Laureen Chalumeau, Christopher Michele, Paul Joseph & Kyle Colon

Farenheight TV had the incredible opportunity to chat with OCC Youth Unleashed on our first episode of our summer series, "Summer in the City" and WOW we are still impressed that we got to sit next to young geniuses and strong leaders of our world. OCC, named after the Ohrenberger Community Center in the Boston neighborhood of West Roxbury, created a user friendly mobile app entitled Unleashed that connects youth with local resources, activities and opportunities at community centers across the city.


OCC Youth Unleashed is empowering their fellow peers to not only get involved in their communities but to also continue to build their greatness! Now that's not only inspiring but also very admirable to see our young community members leading their peers to various opportunities that will build their character, their intellect and their confidence.

These young intellects are so phenomenal that they are also Mass Challenge 2017 finalists! The Mass Challenge is a awarding startups with up to $2 million in grant prizes! Imagine how OCC Youth Unleashed can grow! They will be amongst 128 teams participating in this years challenge and might I add that they will not only be one of the few youngest groups to compete but also one of the few minority groups. In S2EP5: Summer in the City episode, the crew talked to us about the inspiration behind their app, their gratitude and excitement for Mass Challenge and their optimism about the future.

Watch the full interview here!

Find out more about how you can stay connected and support these beautiful beings by visiting their website at

Know a fellow youth? Connect them to the Unleashed app so they can continue to build their greatness!

After our live show - July 27th, 2017 @ The Boston Neighborhood Network

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