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S2EP4: Express Yourself ft. A2Z Talent & Alter Ego

Boston may be known to be a city that's STRONG but Boston also has some major TALENT!!!!

ºFarenheight TV had the blessing to interview and watch incredible performances by two Boston organizations, A2Z Talent & Alter Ego and the energy and fabulosity was on a whole another level! #EPIC

Founder & Director Ms. Tanisha Stephney

I have the wonderful pleasure of seeing performances by the Boston non-profit A2Z Talent over the past year and from the singers, to the musicians, these cool kids are GIFTED! A2Z Talent's Angie Aka graced the stage with her beautiful voice performing her latest single 'Self" and talked a little about her background and journey through music. The songstress writes her own music and is working on an EP (hopefully to be released this year)! ºF-TV was blown away by her unique voice and cool and humble attitude. Plus her outfit was super fierce!! You can find out more and stay connected with this talented queen by visiting her website at

Choreographers Eve 'The Dancer' and Lady Ice

We all have an "alter ego" in my eyes! It may not be as deep as Sigmund Freud would put it lol but more of a 'inner diva' that blossoms out of us when the time is right! (Think of Beyonce's Sasha Fierce persona -#YASSS) Well the multi-talented group Alter Ego ripped the runway AND performed an epic dance set you have to tune in to see! Even I got surprisingly involved and I wish i could relive the moment again! These young artists travel throughout the East Coast and are hoping to further spread their philosophy and talent with the world! In the fall, Alter Ego will be performing at the Shaw's Center in Brockton on September 30th AND they are currently having open auditions! To learn more and stay connected, follow them on their social media pages at @AlterEgoFashionShow.

Check out the slideshow of some of the Kodak moments below!

Watch the FULL episode now on our Youtube channel! Be sure to watch the 'Meet the Artist' reels of Angie Aka and Alter Ego to learn more about all of the artists!

Stay tuned for NEW episode Summer 2017!

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