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ºF-TV presents Ataya: Tea, Talk & more S2EP3

March is Women's History Month and ºF-TV celebrated BIG by having a panel discussion with friends about topics that matter to us. Now I am well aware that it is April lol but due to technical difficulties, F-TV was unable to post last month however, WOMEN MAKE HISTORY EVERYDAY so it's never too late to celebrate!

This new segment entitled Ataya is a ritual I got to participate in Senegal, West Africa during my trip abroad in college. Ataya is a cup of green tea (mixed with lots of sugar) served in shot glasses that people enjoy usually while immersing in great conversations. The ritual itself comes with many rules (how its served, how its poured and even how its sipped sometimes) nonetheless two shots of Ataya and I'm positive you will be awake lol. It was one of my favorite activities to do abroad and I thought why not share an American version with my friends on the show!

In episode 1 of Ataya, phenomenal community members and great friends, Erika Leger, Liz Halea and I discussed numerous topics from media, to politics and health over three rounds of delicious tea. Watch the full episode on our Youtube channel and join us in the conversation.

Phenomenal Queens Ms. Erika Leger & Liz Haela

Liz Haela

Liz Haela

Erika Leger

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