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World Aids Day 2016: Art for Activism

Art for Activism

As an illustrator, I love using my art as a tool for social awareness. This December 1st marks Worlds Aids Day and as a youth HIV and AIDS advocate, I wanted to create a piece that would highlight how universal HIV/Aids is.

Inside the bright red ribbon are mini illustrations that depict our progress and our hopes in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Our progress in including sex education in schools and teaching our youth not only about STI/STDs prevention but also how to treat it if they get it. Our progress in getting people to get tested and our hope in getting to zero infections and zero deaths. Our progress in standing up for those who are voiceless and honoring those who are no longer with us. Our continued progress in eliminating stigma, hate and fear in the HIV movement and our duty to continue to educate and uplift our communities with the resources they need to live healthy, happy lives.

HIV is a global issue and it shouldn't be a taboo subject but a necessary one. World Aids Day unites us all to not only to learn more about HIV but to recognize those who are living with and/or effected by this disease as our neighbors, relatives, HUMANS. HIV effects us all. On World Aids Day I hope that more people will know their status. I hope politicians will advocate for communities with health disparities. I hope that stigma and fear will be replaced by education and empowerment and I hope on World Aids Day, YOU know that your health matters!

Want some tips on how you can support the movement? Read below to find out how you can get ready!

Three things you can do to prepare for World Aids Day

1.) Get Tested: Knowing your status is important because your health matters! Schedule an appointment with your health care provider to get tested for STI's & STD's. Ask your health care provider questions and get informed about how you can stay healthy, regardless of your status. Visit or call 800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636) to ask for free testing sites in your area. While you're there, be sure to schedule an advance appointment for next year.

2.) Support &Encourage your peers: HIV/AIDS effects us all. Spread the word to your inner circle to encourage them to also get tested. Know people who are living with HIV? Take the time to send your support. Visit the site to learn more about the #DoingIt campaign and how you can become more involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

3.) Follow the NMAC social media pages: Keep in touch with the NMAC team to get informed about HIV prevention & treatment, community events and national health coverage. Learn more about our 2016 Youth Scholars and the amazing things they're doing in their communities to educate, uplift and connect their peers with the resources they need to live healthy and happy lives.

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