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S2EP1: Your Voice Matters

ºFarenheight TV is back for a whole NEW season of sizzling talk, entertainment and portraits to uplift your soul! Last week, we had the wonderful opportunity to talk and build with a group of community leaders in our Season 2 premiere. We discussed the 2016 presidential election/politics, the Massachusetts Ballot questions, the power of our voice and how WE can be leaders beyond the polls in our communities!

This episode was FULL of deep conversations and a mix of emotions towards this year's election but ºFarenheight TV thought it was a very important conversation to have. Watching the presidential debates and coverage on national media has become similar to watching a reality television series. There's always backlash from both candidates, plenty of propaganda, negativity and less and less knowledge being thrown at the American people. Many people are exhausted, emotional and just over this year's elections. Many people feel strongly about one candidate and while others either are undecided or still can't connect to either candidate.

These mix emotions can often make us silent about our feelings on things we feel that we can't change in the world. It can make us feel like we are voiceless. Last weeks panel proved that theory wrong. They spoke their truths about their opinions on the presidential elections. They gave their reasons behind their vote on the Massachusetts ballot questions and they ensured us all that WE HAVE A VOICE and have a right to use it.

Watch our FULL episode on our Youtube channel to hear more from these intellects and how YOU can be civically engaged in your community! This episode is good food for thought and a reminder to make your voice be heard this election year because ITS MATTERS!

Be sure to vote on November 8th, 2016 Thanks for tuning in.

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