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#Year25 was epic! Looking forward to#Sweet 26 - A Letter to myself

So it's the eve of your 26 birthday and I wanted to tell you that I'm so beyond proud of you! you made your 25 epic because you not only wanted to but needed to!

Just think about all the things you accomplished in year 25 and you would think that is a whole different person but it's not it's the same Brave courageous colorful Spirit that's always wanted to do this and in year 25 you took the risk of doing them and not being afraid anymore! yeah the nerves were there, yes the tears were there but you didn't let it stop you and you're going to continue to not let it stop you!

-you quit your job

-you tried modeling

-you entered your first art gallery

-you went on a trapeze

-you made new friendships

-you broke bad friendships

-you learned even more how important it is to take care of yourself

-you learned even more how happy you are being independent and how trusting and needing friendships and other people is ok too

-you learned how to trust your intuition and your gut

-you learn how to take risks and try new things and ask people for help without feeling ashamed or afraid

-you did so many things that I seriously am very very proud of you and I want you to continue to bring that same energy that same fearlessness the same ambition into year 26 or should I say #sweet26!

There's no doubt in my mind that you won't get close to that dream, even if you're still figuring it out but you started! You took the first step and that's the most important thing so even in days when it feels overwhelming you feel afraid, you feel confused, you feel overwhelmed, you feel lonely don't worry because you have a guardian angel, you have the universe, you have yourself and other people who are rooting for you, especially YOUR SOUL!

your soul is telling you, you can do this and you can and you will !!

#Year25 thank you for being everything to me, the stepping stone, the midlife crisis I needed to wake up and actually become more of who I want to become and that's an artist and that someone who's not afraid to be loved and to love and to be happy and to try new things and to travel and to learn and to give back and to be herself and be strong and be vocal and closer to God and the universe, no religion required!

I'm very proud of you and now since I know you're super duper tired after having an epic birthday weekend get some sleep, wake up tomorrow being sweet 26 and ready for the world you got this queen!

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