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#Good Morning: Jennifer Lettsome (Nurse Practitioner & Community Health Educator)

Since having the wonderful opportunity to work with Ms. Lettsome for the Safer is S.E.X.Y. social media campaign at ABCD Health Services in Boston, our friendship has blossomed with many great jokes and rewarding experiences but what inspires me the most about my peer health mentor is her love and devotion for community health.

As a nursing student at MGH Institute of Health Professionals, Ms. Lettsome has been devoted to educating and motivating her community. I’ve never met a person who shamelessly pulls out a female condom and can not only give you instructions and a great demonstration but also history and advice when it comes to staying healthy, safer, S.E.X.Y.(Sophisticated, Empowered, Xtraordinary, You).

As California native, Ms. Lettsome brings sunshine to any space she's in! Her colorful spirit and calm nature makes many feel comfortable to not only discuss their sexual health but their overall wellness with her. "It's so important in our community to see faces that look like ours, especially in health settings" and what makes Ms. Lettsome so unique is that she not only can give people medical advice but also be an ear to someone who may not be comfortable discussing a 'taboo subject.' Relate-able, likable and 100% yourself, her passion for her community and her audacious spirit to educate and uplift her peers makes her a great role model!

"I think that once you finally get comfortable with 'this is what I'm good at, this is what I like to do' and 'you know what, it's different and I'm okay with that' you can excel in THAT and in your lane. You can be okay with who you are. I think that can help you mentally and physically because once you feel good about YOU, you'll want to keep pushing yourself to your greatest limits."

(Jennifer Lettsome)

Tune in to our latest episode of our webisode series, “Good Morning” to learn more about Jennifer's story and how you can also follow your dreams and do what YOUR passionate about.

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(Good Morning) "Wake Up and Do What You Love"

When the sun rises up, billions of beautiful creatures wake up around the globe BUT what excites your soul when you first open your eyes? The 'Good Morning' series follows everyday people from all walks of life who wake up and do something they're passionate about. Rather they're saving lives, creating art, shooting hoops or spending time with their kids, these people LIVE their lives to the fullest! Follow our mini webisodes to learn more about these incredible beings! "When you're passionate about something, you do it from the heart. Inspiration is everywhere, ambition is everything, wake up and do something that you love!"

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