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#Good Morning: Ayana Mack - Artist of the 'Play Me, I'm Yours' piano project

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting artist and graphic designer Ms. Ayana Mack to view her colorful and beautiful piano in Egleston Square. Now I had previously seen the amazing artworks by Ms. Mack at various events. From her chic coffee cups to the beautiful charcoal portraits she sketches (one of them that hangs ever so nicely in my apartment), I was familiar with her magic. Until one day while scrolling through Instagram, I discovered that she had public artwork on display on street pianos as part of the 'Play Me, I'm Yours' project.

'Play Me, I'm Yours' is an artwork project created by British artist Luke Jerram. It allows artists from across the globe to display their canvas on street pianos AND is open to the public to play anytime! WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA and cool opportunity for our Boston artists! With over 60 street pianos, I must say Ayana Mack's piano is one of my favorites!

Talking to the multi-talented soul, she discussed her inspiration behind painting the piano. With the social turmoil that is unfortunately effecting people of color in America, Ms. Mack used her paint brush to express the pride she has in her culture. Images of head wraps, african fabric patterns and inspiring words are spread throughout the piano and despite the gloomy weather this past weekend, the mix of orange and amber colors shined brightly. What a perfect way to welcome October, the autumn season and most importantly gather the people.

Under umbrellas and hoodies stood parents, kids and community members hearing beautiful Latin inspired tunes by pianist Zaccari Curtis and congo drums by Nelson Belly. It was LIT (slang for exciting!) SUPER exciting! The Colgate smiles that radiated from neighbors cheering and enjoying the moment was a great experience! Through her artwork, Ms. Mack showcased not only her love for her culture but for her passion for her craft. As an artist myself, I am very inspired by artists who use their talents to uplift our community.

Tune in to our latest episode of our webisode series, “Good Morning” to learn more to learn more about Ayana's journey, the 'Play Me, I'm Yours' project and her passion for art, community and culture.

Only on ºFarenheight TV.

Please support this inspirational role model by visiting her website at There you can keep up with her latest projects and browse her online store! The holidays are coming up soon, support your local artists!

See Ayana Mack's piano NOW thorough October 10th. Join community members each night this week at 6pm in Egleston Square for a night of fun and music NOW until Columbus Day!

Learn more about the 'Play Me, I'm Yours' project and view all the unique street pianos throughout the city of Boston!

(Good Morning) "Wake Up and Do What You Love"

When the sun rises up, billions of beautiful creatures wake up around the globe BUT what excites your soul when you first open your eyes? The 'Good Morning' series follows everyday people from all walks of life who wake up and do something they're passionate about. Rather they're saving lives, creating art, shooting hoops or spending time with their kids, these people LIVE their lives to the fullest! Follow our mini webisodes to learn more about these incredible beings! "When you're passionate about something, you do it from the heart. Inspiration is everywhere, ambition is everything, wake up and do something that you love!"

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