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Kendrick Lamar: voice of my generation <3

And now another Farenheight concert review.....where should I even begin, going to a Kendrick Lamar concert... "love won't get you high as this, drugs won't get you high as this, fame won't get you high as this,chains won't get you high as this, juice won't get you high as this...." BASICALLY YOU'RE STILL HIGH AFTER AN AMAZING PERFORMANCE BY THIS LYRICAL GENIUS!! my heart is happy,full,grateful. It felt and was so beyond epic to witness his magic in stage, he's so dope!! So humble,chill,nothing but positive vibes!!and still I feel just...HAPPY!!! To live through that experience with my girls made it even more epic. I felt like I witnessed history! Especially with all the drama and tragedy in our world, music has always been therapeutic and especially with a positive artist like K Dot, it makes me grateful that there's intellects like him who really take in Nina Simone's philosophy that 'it's an artists duty to reflect the times" YOU REFLECT THE TRUTH KENDRICK! You reflect the dream,the reality,the hidden and the uncomfortable, the unsung and the history! You an inspiration,a legend and I'm grateful to god that I was blessed to see it!! I hope everyone has the opportunity to see this amazing human being💙 I hope he comes back to the east side😄❤🎶#year25 #summersixteen #Kendricklamar

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