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Muhammad Ali: The Greatest Athlete of All Time

I've always been drawn to audacious leaders. Those who are unafraid of societal pressures. Those who speak their minds shamelessly. Those who live their truth and those who stand for what they believe in. These individuals are 100% their authentic selves and to me, they are the leaders I strive to be. To express how much Muhammad Ali has influenced my life, as an athlete, as a civil rights leader, as a brave and charismatic personality who always kept his word: he simply was the greatest. Earlier this week, I was having a tough day and decided I needed some inspiration. I watched the Muhammad Ali biopic one early morning and felt uplifted. To watch and observe how well this man handled himself during multiple adversities that came his way is more than remarkable, its admirable. He will forever be my favorite athlete who spoke like a poet/MC rapper to his opponents. Who questioned and schooled others who didn't understand the black experience. Who wasn't afraid to say 'No.' Who stood up for his people and all people who endured injustice and a figure who was never afraid to be his own champion. The GOAT, The People's Champ, The Prettiest Boxer ever, An intellect, A Father, A humble friend, you will never be forgotten and your input into this world, your greatest will live on and on like a grand of sand in the Sahara desert. Although his sudden passing is extremely sad, what makes me happy and what one of my friends reminded me is that this man lived an amazing life. He inspired so many generations and will continue to inspire the world with his legacy.

I hope that when you make it to the gates of heaven, Allah and his angels will scream, "The champ is here." Thank you for being everything I aspire to be! My sincerest condolences go out to his family. Rest in eternal peace king!

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