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Prince I will always truly adore you <3

From the very moment I saw ya, I knew you were the one..."

Still in utter disbelief at the passing of this legendary icon. I remember watching the movie 'Purple Rain' as a kid and wanting so bad to not only have a purple outfit just like him but to be able to do a spilt in heels with some much swag, purple tears came down the sky! And literally purple tears is all I continue to internally weep because 'The beautiful ones' leave this earth way too soon. Prince and his music for one is not only so versatile, it challenges and mixes every genre! Funk, disco, r&b, rock&roll, pop, gospel, child please! And what's incredibly amazing and impressive is that all of it is beautifully produced and created by THIS man; that's what you call a musical genius!!!! My favorite rock star that had a little bit of every legend in his blood (Jimmi Hendrix, James brown, Little Richard) and created other legends along the way (such an incredible, selfless mentor to so many great artists we continue to love today)! HE WAS AN ARTIST IN EVERY ROOT OF THE NOUN! He experimented with sound with a delicate ear and soulful heart. He straight melted hearts (and mine) with his sensual, flirtatious sex appeal. The fashion, the heels, honey no one could do it better!(I still love to own a few of his killer outfits) He was NEVER afraid to rock whatever he loved! Prince made fashion gender-neutral; he challenge the status quo and made it his own! His sense of humor, that smirk, that scream, that voice, that kind, humble and talented persona, there will never be another!

"you don't what you mean to me"

One of the things I will always truly admire about this artist, businessman and mogul was that he truly fought for the rights of artists and NEVER was afraid to speak up, speak out and sing out loud the injustices he saw in the music business, in the world, "to get through this thing called life."

I really believed in my heart that I would see you LIVE someday in concert but even though that dream is not longer valid, your genius, your wisdom, your courage to be 100% uniquely YOU all day, everyday are some of the characteristics that I will continue to respect you for, be inspired by you, be challenged by you, be great like you, be brave like you because "who are my heart and mind, I truly ADORE you!

I imagine you entering the gates of heaven, in your purple too-fierce-for-words outfit, slick hair (or afro :D), doing a split and popping back up as the gates close behind you and walking with a swag with so much determination on purple clouds (shaped in your classic symbol) to a beautiful guitar rift of "Purple Rain."

Hope you'll be happy in the afterlife! I'll always LOVE you Mr. Nelson.

#RipPrince #Prince #PrinceRogersNelson #Doodleeveryday #year25 #wetrulyadoreyou #PurpleRain #musicallegend #musicalgenius

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