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Rihanna Navy!!!!

And now another Farenheight concert review...yesterday I had the blessing to attend the Anti Tour featuring the ultimate goddess, Rihanna!! Omg so much fun!! Every hit song just made realize how much I grew up loving and jamming to this queens music!! Her powerful stage presence, great energy and that bad girl attitude, I was lit! She's so gorgeous,genuine and the fashion is on another level per usual #fierce I LOVED her dancers(the voguing though...child please, they killed it, we can all scream #yaaasss) and the production. I really appreciated at the end how they played credits(that's the first concert I've been at that they did that) which is so cool and important because it really takes a team to produce magic! Most of all, I thank Rihanna for inspiring me and uplifting my spirits. After a mixed week of emotions,this queen reminded me to "live my life" and "shine bright like a diamond"...the universe and God is so good to me, so blessed to be alive,well and on the continued pursuit to happiness thank you RhiRhi #fjlivinglife #year25 #antitour2016

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