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Need encouragement? Need inspiration? Need strength? Then you HAVE TO see the movie 'Creed'! TBT to when I got to see one of the best films this year (and newly added to my personal favorites library) with these cool queens! That film, OMG bravo to Michael B. Jordan to delivering a stellar performance especially next to one of my favorite movie hero's, Rocky (aka Sylvester Stallone). I grew up watching Rocky films and fell in love with the underdog story. The brave soul who despite adversities still went after his dream, still showed up with courage and confidence and still inspired others to believe in themselves and do the right thing! We need heroes like this everyday! The film made me believe that anything is possible when you put 100% dedication and hard work into it! It's not always about winning, or money or fame. Its about finding your voice, holding onto it and fully putting your heart into whatever makes you smile! It's about building and learning/willing to fall and get back up. That is what makes a great fighter (in and out of the ring) Most of all this amazing film taught me the incredible importance of mentors and great company in one's life. I really loved how Rocky was Donny's mentor/coach (similar to his relationship with Mickey). I am blessed to have mentors like this in my life and hope i can be someone's motivator as well. I loved the realness (especially the boxing matches), the strong script, the visuals, soundtrack, actors, the emphasis on keeping the original story alive/respected but with a new cool twist. I <3 EVERYTHING! Hats off to Ryan Coolger, you are a movie genius! I'm definitely excited to see part 2 (because you know its already in the works :D) Go support this film and I bet you'll feel like you can rule the world! "It ain't over till it's over" [INSERT ROCKY THEME MUSIC HERE]

Also side note, last summer I had the blessing to run the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. I felt tired but nonetheless STRONGER!!!! #warrior #year25 #CREED #bestmovieever #rockyfanforlife #mybooMBJ

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