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This is what 25 is all about :D │ADELE

On this 25th day of November, the album ‘25’ is now officially ingrained into my soul, I ABSOLUTELY ❤ IT😁!! This queen slays on every track, her voice,her honesty, her effortlessly cool demeanor, ADELE I LOVE YOU!.

🎶'Send my love(to your new lover)‘🎶 makes my heart so happy😄,🎶 'All I ask’ 🎶makes me want to cry about a non existent lover/lip sync in the mirror,🎶 'Remedy’ 🎶makes me feel like my guardian angel wrote it, 🎶'I miss you'🎶 ooooo Adele, putting class on sexy and 🎶'Sweetest devotion’ 🎶should be in every hallmark/secondary school song book/family commercial(so positive, so beautiful, a bond that can’t be broken, it’s 'that’ song you remember at tearful moments in movies).

Every song is creatively and beautifully written with so much soul,truth and raw talent, this is my second album of the year and one of the greatest of all time in my book😁❤😁

she’s grown so much, from '19’, '21’, now '25’ the album covers alone explain her journey, showing us her gorgeous face with full confidence#yaaas

Adele executes fully what it feels like to be a quarter century older,wiser, fiercer, stronger and a phenomenal queen!!

Thank you for concentrating on crafting real music, a true artist!! so much respect!

#year25 #fjlivinglife #Adele #music

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