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Ms. Lianne La Havas <3

And now for another farenheight concert update😁

🎵Last night I had the incredible blessing of hearing Ms. Lianne La Havas sing her soul away at the Royale club and people I'm still in awe! This beautiful spirit has such a natural cool vibe to her and effortless swag on stage, you can tell she was meant to be a star! 🎵So humble,so soulful with a twist of rock here and there, Ms. La Havas doesn't need the distraction of glitz and glamour to get anyones attention, her talent speaks volumes! I loved her energy and sweet soulful harmony on stage! Her band is also pretty awesome! I can relive an acoustic session of her great tunes any day!! 🎵Once again my iTunes budget has exceeded 😤 😁 please support this queen! Can't wait for another show, artists like lianne are my daily inspirations!! ❤Thank you to God and the universe for once again blessing me with the opportunity to experience music on a whole another level by talented artists!

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