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My soul is happy :D │ Alice Smith concert

Last Friday I had the wonderful blessing to see Alice Smith LIVE at the Brighton Music Hall. This queen is a a pure artist. When she sings, not only does it tickle your ears with joy but enters your heart with love. She sings from the soul.

Captivating so many emotions into a beautiful flow! What i love about her most is when she gives some extra efff to songs…that attitude stank diva face that reads “I did that” or that MJ BAD face “where the music feels so good and sounds soooo dam great, it hurts” face.

So elegant, poise, fierce and with a wonderful sense of humor, she is phenomenal in every way! Her Nina Simone rendition of “I put a spell on you” had me lost in thought for a second (maybe a few minutes lol)…. I absolutely love that feeling.

Thank you for making my soul happy :D @alicesmithmusic and moreover thank you for being a true artist Ms. Smith, you’re inspiring in every way!

Hope she comes back to Beantown <3

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