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Miguel you know that I adorn you <3

And now another farenheight concert review 😊 So last night I went to see Miguel…..this was one of the sexiest, funniest and truly feel-good concerts I’ve ever had the privilege to attend. Not only does he sound incredible LIVE, his all-dressed-in-white band, his edgy rock&roll sex appeal…Lord he’s so (ENTER EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT HERE) with a bohemian twist has inspired my fashion sense. I’m determined to recreate this cool outfit for my future bday #farenheightinfulleffect

and the music 🎶🎶🎶oh the music, it’s like if Prince, Lenny Kravitz, James Brown and RKelly had a beautiful love child…it is such a beautiful blend of r&b with sex,love, sillyness and guitar drifts for days!!!,#rock out☝future kids should thank him for their lives because he creates our generation’s baby music #yourwelcomefutureearthlings

most importantly I love his message of conveying to his fans “never to conform and to always be ourselves” “dream big, don’t be distracted, do what the fff you want”…I love artists who truly adore and study what they do. Miguel I’m a wild heart for life, we adorn you❤😜😁🎶

Please support his album, great music for your soul and more!! #wildhearttour2015 #Miguel #fjlivinglife #summertimefjliving #music

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