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The Dog Days are over : Florence & The Machine LIVE!!!! <3

TBT to last night when I was blessed to experience the musical genius of Florence & the Machine. OMG now when you're listening to their album, it feeds you soul but hearing it LIVE..its like you're reborn again in a field full of freedom & absolute bliss.

Her voice is so beyond beautiful! Its so unique with an opera/folk like twist that when it echoes throughout the arena, it gives you chills! Florence's performance last night was unlike anything I've ever seen; she was a rock star! Dancing, twirling and shimmying with her fans on and off stage, you can tell she was in her element. That essence most definitely inspired the crowd, all of our inner free-spirited animals were dancing like there's no tomorrow!

Her genuine love and admiration to her fans, her craft and her music makes her more than one of my fav singers; she's an inspirational queen! I am beyond HAPPY, INSPIRED AND UPLIFTED! God is great is so many ways!

Shout out to the best radio station in the world, Greater media Boston.

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