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Good morning world! Guess who I had the privilege to see last night...CIARAAAA! Omg this queen can shut it down, what an incredible performer now if you're already a big fan of her music videos then imagine seeing her LIVE! This was one of the most hype,fun and inspiring concerts I've been to. Her effortless class and sexiness is a trait to not only admire but respect! Her band was incredible(all of the back up fibers should definitely have their own albums,if they don't already) the range of their voices mixed together with Cici's unique vocals made the show beyond incredible. Her dancers...jeeez beyond talented! I loved every aspect of the show,the outfits,the music(which makes your soul happy)...I wish I could relive it😁 the MJ tribute..WOW, I always knew me and Ciara had the same bday but to see her love and admiration for a legend like MJ, we're pretty much sisters😁 lol but seriously No one can do it better!!! To top it all off,guess who got to touch her hand...😁(hee hee)! Ciara you're a beautiful soul, "I gotchu" always & forever!! Please see get in concert and support her new album "Jackie" shorties jamming right now🎶❤😁

Ciara’s MJ Tribute

When I go to concerts I love to live in the moment and soak up everything so I try not to spend time recording too much but this by far,was one of the hardest challenges lol this MJ tribute was so spectacular, so magical and as you can see I lost my mind(my voice) stuck in awe. Ciara you are a god, MJ is smiling in heaven😁 hee hee Always have so much respect for artists who love what they do, one of the best concerts I've ever been to!! ‪#‎fbf ‪#‎Ciara ‪#‎jackie

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