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The time when I step into the musical time machine: Motown The Musical

TBT last night I had the blessing to attend MOTOWN the musical at the Boston opera house, where to begin...I'm just so incredibly HAPPY that of course I must write a super long review. Hmmm hmmm it was MAGICAL! I felt like I was inducted into a Motown time machine. The music, the singing, the costumes, the's almost haunting how identical some of the performers were. At one point, I literally thought my world was set in the 50's, 60's, 70's, I felt like I was at a live concert...the producer of this show deserves a Tony award, as well as the talented and gifted cast & staff! Snapping my fingers and dancing in my seat, I knew almost every song, that's when you know it's timeless music!

Last year I remember walking in times square day dreaming while looking at the poster, oh when you wish upon a star... Thank you so much @RobHogan for the opportunity, this is the best musical show I've ever been blessed to witness!! Thank you to the birthday queen @PamBarros for accompanying me. I can't stop smiling and wish I could relive it again. Oh throwback Thursday's, how I wish you could throw me back to experience that magical sensation again.

MOTOWN the musical is at the Boston opera house till February 14th, get your tickets NOW!

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