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OMG it's USHER, usher, usherrrr <3

They call him US...HER..RA..YM..OND.... Usher had me like 'ooohohhhhohhhh, oh my Gosh😱😂😁 this concert was by far one of the most funniest, energetic & musically powerful concerts I've ever been to. To witness an icon who I have grown up loving his musicianship, hit after hit, was one of the greatest experiences. There was not one person sitting still at this amazing show unless they were gazing into his beautiful eyes! Everyone, at all ages, singing each song, screaming 'yeaaaaah', and just having a splendid time! The dancing was unbelievable and it was so cool to see one of Beyonce's dancers, Ashley make an appearance.

The amount of dedication and passion this man puts into every performance is simply admirable! What I love is that at the end if the show,he steps off his shirt which goes to show you that beyond the sex appeal, fame and fortune, this brilliant individual doesn't have to make millions of fans scream without showing some skin ( I am aware some will disagree ppl).

It's such an inspiration to watch people who love what they do through art. I've notice that many artists I've been lucky to see all had a relationship with my favorite icon MJ, pretty cool!!

It was such a privilege to share this experience with Lena Ngor!! A big shoutout to this woman who captured some of these photos below,‪#‎concertbuddy😁 I want to thank God for granting me the blessing of seeing Usher and other amazing artists this year, I am forever grateful!! Can't wait to see what next year grants me 🎼🎵+Farah= pure happiness🙌❤😁

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