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Every 90's kid dream : seeing the beautiful & talented, Ms. Lauryn Hill

Have you ever sat down,listened to beautiful music and just caught yourself lost in the moment? Seeing the wonderful, incredibly multi talented queen Ms. Lauryn Hill last night was a childhood dream/epic experience of my life! She's the true definition of what an artist is and should be!! On stage so graceful,so fierce, so poetic and just a goddess!! It's so crazy how you can be reminiscing on listening to the fugees on the radio,to seeing that queen you looked up to just inches away from you. She tore the house down, a free hours late lol but so worth the wait (oo that rhymed lol😄). I'm so beyond grateful that I got to attend with two beautiful souls Vero Verito Hdz Lena Ngor. Thank you god for allowing me to see a legend, a memory I treasure forever!!! If you ever get the chance, please go!! She signed so many autographs abd took so many photos, she's a the best!!

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