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My boo/husband/one of the greatest entertainers ever... Mr. Bruno Mars <3

Dear Bruno Mars I've made the decision that I'm ready to "marry you." I'M READY, dats it!!! I could meet you where the "moon is shinning," at the gates "locked in heaven" or even in the chapel, on the boulevard where we can gooooo ohh oohhh!!! I am your "treasure," I'll even catch a "grenade" for you...well maybe we should meet first to determine that but I LOVE YOU!!! Not only because you're a gorgeous & flawless gentleman but because you are truly a talented artist heart emoticon My lord, I never thought a multi-talented, beautiful, soulful lil man can make me feel so tingly inside lol.

This concert was one of the best concerts of my life!!! This is truly a big statement for me to make because they are so many people I want to see or wish I could have seen in concert but I know I'll never, ever forget this one! You had every type of genre needed....funk, soul, reggae, pop, doowoop,rock&roll, r&b, etc but what made it exceptional, what made it powerful was the bond BRUNO & HIS TALENTED & HANDSOME BANDMATES shared on stage. He can SANGGGGGGG and DANCE like there's no tomorrow and his bro's on stage really know how to turn it up!!! They killed the stage and left the audience in awe with their amazing musicianship. It's so rare to find artists who truly give it all that got and LOVE what they do! That alone makes me feel happy to know that they share their joy for music and its incredible power with their fans and the world!

Their lyrics, the music, the flowed together so great tonight that the hooligans on stage made it look easy! Their passion on the stage makes me feel inspired and just happy about life! It's what makes the moment unforgettable and almost impossible to record any of it because you don't want to miss out! Trust me, you don't wanna miss out, if you can, you must see this concert, its more than a show, its spectacular phenomenon featuring my boo.


In order words, if you ever in the Bean again my Bruno boo, I'll show you, "I GOTCHUUUUUUUU"

In honor of this immensly talented, funny artist, here are some of my favorite interviews of him!

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