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Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil

So tonight the universe blessed me with one of the greatest, most magical experiences of my life, seeing Cirque Du Soleil's Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour!!! Now where to begin...........I am just so beyond blissful and thankful that I was able to see those amazing artists, acrobats and musicians pay tribute to a icon I have admired all my life!!! I heart emoticon everything about the show, especially the passion behind each artist that graced the stage and how they were able to mix their own talents with MJ's incredibility! The graphics are absolutely extraordinary, I especially appreciated how they portrayed MJ's life as a musical genius and as the kind humble, beautiful soul that he was! I always love to see faces of every color and every age, its seriously a beautiful and powerful thing to see how Music is a universal language!

You know, I never got to see MJ LIVE in person but tonight made me feel like I was right there with him! It's amazing how wishes come true!! Thank you MJ for being you, "I'll be there" forever!!!! heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon what a perfect way to celebrate BHM!!!

EVERYONE SHOULD GO SEE THIS! If you want to experience what true magic, talent and beauty looks like, go see how this 'man in the mirror" can inspire your soul! This show has been Farah approved! :D

Thank you so much Rob Hogan, my life is complete, I am beyond happy, thanks again!!!!

‪#‎feeling jubilant ‪#‎MJ4eva

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