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The time I entered the beyhive & stung by fierceness aka Queen Bey

Before the concert

Dear world, In less than 24 hours my life is going to change... that's right ladies and gents I am going to enter the beyhive and see the Queen....Beyoncé!!!!!!! 2013 has been a big milestone in my life. I've graduated college and met interesting people and I learned a lot about myself. There's no better way to celebrate but to end the year off right watching another phenomenal queen. Better yet I'm surrounded with my girls. Ladies lets get ready to turn up!! Whoop whoopJeanny Cyprien Erika Leger Kerssandra L Haywood ‪#‎so grateful ‪#‎queen #be‎yonce

After the concert

It's crazy how those epic moments in your life go by in a second. I am still in awe that I had the opportunity to see an icon last night. The sound of the crowd, the moment she stepped out on stage, just standing there, not even saying a word yet and still everyone in the room is screaming at the top of their lungs! Now that's what you call an idol!! Flawless!!!! Every performance, every single note she sung was purely perfect! The dancers, the crew, the visuals, so amazing how it all comes together in unison, simply amazing!!! I'm so beyond grateful that I had the chance to be in the same room as her during this incredible year for her (Superbowl, inauguration, tour, etc.), I almost wished I recorded the whole thing just to relive it again nonetheless it was the best concert I've ever went to in my life, never will forget this moment, everrrr!!!!!!. Beyoncé you are the definition of what it means to be a strong, phenomenal, inspiring artist and woman. You are a queen Mrs. carter!!!! She killed it last night, can't wait to see her again in the future!!! GOD IS GREAT, so beyond humble!!! ‪#‎i see your halo queen bey ‪#‎bestconcert in the world ‪#‎still star stucked #♥ les twins ‪#‎luke james u are extremely talented ‪#‎these are too many hashtags but dam i feel great lol‪#‎living life <3

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