S3EP15: Autum Joy ft. Brandi Cook & Christian Walkes

Hi ºF-TV family! I hope you all are in good spirits! Its finally one of our favorite seasons; Autumn! What I love most about the Fall is that for me its a season of evolution. As the leaves begin to shift in color, so do our lives. We spend the last four months of the year changing into warmer clothes, changing our clocks back and changing our mindsets to get ready for the upcoming holiday season. Moreover, Autumn is also a season of deep reflection for me. As a Fall baby (birthday in late October whoop whoop!) it gives me a chance to think about what I've done in the year and what I still hope to accomplish as the new year approaches. Autumn also is known as the season of hot chocolate and

S3EP14: An evening with the Stars ft. Pr3Scott & Eva Davenport

Hello ºF-TV fam, Whew I can't believe we're in the last few weeks of Summer 2019! As always, the season flies by but I hope you have been able to enjoy the sun, get some relaxation and live it up! Summer has been an amazing season for us here at ºF-TV! We've had a variety of talented artists come on our stage and share their greatness (from dancing, to modeling and singing)! Honestly, its been the best production season yet and for our last summer 2019 episode, we wanted to keep the vibes cool, calm and soulful! Eva Davenport & PR3Scott graced our stage this month and the magic and beautiful vibes they brought with them, was the best way to end the season with a positive and inspiring outloo

S3EP13: Bold & Beautiful ft. Mas~n~Motion

Hi ºF-TV family! I hope you all are having an incredible Summer 2019 so far! Whew time is flying by but every summer, one of the events I look forward to the most is Caribbean Carnival! Carnival is celebrated throughout the world! It is a time where people unite together to celebrate their pride and culture through dance, fashion, food, performances and most importantly community. Some celebrations mix all the cultures together in one BIG celebration (like Boston Caribbean Carnival) while islands throughout the Caribbean have their own carnival celebration for their country. Every Caribbean carnival has three traditional elements - dressing in masquerade, music, and dancing. Each island thr

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