S3EP11: Music is Life ft. Chi Chi (of ABDB) & Musical Artist Loubands

Hello beautiful people, I hope May blessed you with peace and good energy. I can't believe how fast the month has flown by so far but the best way to end it is celebrating the power of Music through Dance and Lyricism! This month we were honored to have two super DOPE artists on our stage, Chi Chi Osuagwu of Afrobeats Dance Boston and Musical Artist, LouBands. These creative souls have so much talent not only as artists but as growing entrepreneurs. Rather its starting a dance collective that celebrates the beautiful culture and diverse sounds of African music (Afrobeats Dance Boston) or producing a melodic album that tells the stories of love and millennial culture (Bandowaves - out now on

S3EP10: Poetically Driven ft. Amanda Shea & friends

Hi friends! I hope April has been kind to you! Its been a month of great connections and fun projects for us here at ºF-TV! April is National Poetry Month and if you're a big fan like us of slam poetry, then April is a blessing! Poetry has a way of making words bloom into deeper thoughts. They make us emotional, they shed light on our unique stories and moreover they make us feel something. I remember going to my first poetry slam in college and feeling like I entered a whole new universe. The aura is the room is like no other. There's no judgement. There's no competitive nature. The energy is calm and the spirit is very much alive. As each poet makes their way to the microphone, they share

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